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Andrew (Olly) Oliver
Designer Craftsman




Thoughts & Process


Making items for sale, and by bespoke commissions.

Combining hand tools, power tools, and workshop machinery allows flexibility and efficiency. Materials are usually salvaged or locally sourced. Items are made with an approach respectful to the environment. The work I create has a traditional/contemporary mix informed by broad research and trusting my personal taste. Currently working on items which merge 50s design and bodging principals. More vivid work Ive been making for a while fuses Victorian furniture with surrealist imagery and sculptural facets. Some ideas start off with hand drawn design work and some evolve through deconstructing found objects, or play with materials.







BA Hons Contemporary Crafts

Falmouth College of Art


National Diploma Art and Design

York College


Excellent Art tutors at school, college and university helped to nurture my artistic ability from a young age. Going on to Contemporary Crafts at degree level I took away valuable making, analytical and research skills.








Oak Bread Board made at Kigbeare using locally sourced timber.





Beginners and intermediate woodwork sessions available, please register your interest by e-mail phone or Facebook.


Walk away with a finished item, seek help with a project or practice a skill.






Hand carved spoons in progress.





The experience at Falmouth was extremely valuable and diverse. It gave me the opportunity to engage with students, technicians, lecturers and the public a real melting pot for inspiration. Contemporary Crafts was based in The Design Centre at Tremough, an open plan space designed to give different courses a chance to mix and broaden their experience. Truly a hive of creativity.







When I gained orders from graduate shows I needed somewhere to work and heard about workshop space in York my home city. Here I completed orders, worked on new ideas and salvaged pieces for some time.

At the workshop I had in York immediate neighbours were a Sculptor, Poet, Fine Art Painter, Printmaker, French Polisher, Upholsterer and an opera prop making group. That was a privilege and an asset where I gained invaluable insights and experience.





Now at my Devon workshop I am broadening my skills making work from scratch using locally sourced wood while still working with Salvage. My neighbours are another Furniture Craftsman and Photographer, and Artist Painter Printmaker, a Jeweller/ Silversmith (my better half), a Silversmith, and two Potters. There are also visiting exhibiters, a gallery and a variety of classes hosted at Kigbeare. Its truly an inspiring place, again with great people around me.




thoughts & process





purchase or commission




Kigbeare Studios and Gallery, Southcott, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4NL.




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